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The beautiful town of Kalavryta on the northern side of Peloponnese is composed of imposing mountains and a great lush green nature with abruptly changing landscape, idyllic spots, and characteristic architectural style that will attract even the most demanding visitors. It is mostly known for its recent history and stands as a symbol of freedom for Greece.

This is where the Greek Revolution against Turkish domination started in 1821. Also, one of the cruelest massacres took place there during World War II, when the Nazi troops killed the entire male population and in turn burnt all the houses and churches. A huge cross stands as a memorial of the massacre of Kalavryta on a hill above the tormented town.

The old schoolhouse that was set on fire with women, children, and the elderly inside, has been restored and hosts the museum of Kalavryta, which depicts the history of the town from the 19th century and the region’s suffering during WWII through evocative photographs and personal effects.

Kalavryta town has nowadays developed as a major winter destination in Greece due to the ski center on the slopes of Mount Helmos. A visit to the historic town will not be complete unless you taste its local production which consists of plenty of fresh products that grow in its fertile land. Strolling in the picturesque streets you can find products of excellent quality, such as tea, aromatic herbs, a large variety of dairy products, jams, and spoon sweets made by the local women.