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The Heraion (Temple of Hera), as it is known, comprises antiquities, unrivaled Mediterranean natural beauty, and little modern civilization, with the inevitable exception of a handful of cars and motorcycles as there is no other way to access the area. The ruins of the sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera dot the entire slope of the hill on which it is built and seem to be frozen in mid-air which tumble the small lagoon below, which is not really a lagoon because there is a small opening to the sea.

The main temple dates to 700 BC and was dedicated to Hera. The remains of an ancient agora can also be seen near the main temple while the aqueduct is of special interest as it was built in 300 BC and is believed to be the work of Demetrius the Conqueror. In ancient times, the people of Corinth would anchor their boats over on the opposite shore to pay homage in honor of the goddess twice a year. The lagoon, in turn, is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and is considered one of the prettiest of its kind in Greece. An area where you can achieve spiritual elation among ancient ruins and an unspoiled natural landscape that seems to be lifted directly from a fading 1950s postcard.